Cloudflare AI Firewall

March 6, 2024

We have firewalls for your bits, firewalls for your apps, now you can get firewalls for your AI. Despite the humorous title, LLM abuse is a major concern for businesses deploying RAG apps and LLM chatbots. Hosting LLM apps presents risks for brand damage, or even direct financial damage as Air Canada found out recently[1].

Cloudflare has released a firewall for AI which is really just an extension on their existing WAF offering that presently supports rate limiting and sensitive data detection with more features such as prompt validation on the way.

I am sad that this needs to exist, but this will go a long way toward helping enterprises adopt generative AI. I expect to see similar offerings from AWS and Microsoft in the near future.

[1]: Canada airline to pay customer after chatbot gave false information - The Washington Post